What we do

Our expertise in planning and developing great facilities allows us to design, build, and deliver a successful commercial, retail or luxury residential space.   We provide full property management services to maximize value and support your business growth while protecting your investment for years to come.  Your building’s value is increased through careful planning, detailed engineering and sustainable choices at the concept stage.   Maintenance and safety programs are initiated at substantial completion stage to protect your investment from day one of occupancy.

LEDR has acquired and developed spaces and facilities for commercial, institutional and retail purposes for client ownership or tenancy. Each project is unique and exciting but the goal remains consistent – LEDR will meet the client’s need for quality work, excellent customer service, meet schedules and work with approved budgets.  It is not in our mantra or combined interest to tell a client something is achievable when we know it is not.

  • Commercial Development
  • Project Management and Construction Management
  • Retail & Office Design, Sales, Leasing, & Property Management
  • Space Planning
  • Multi family Development and Construction (duplex, condo’s, townhomes)
  • Value Engineering and Budget Reviews
  • Luxury Residential Development

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Our Core Strengths

At a more fundamental level, we also bring the following strengths to every project we undertake, whether you are a landowner or tenant:

  • Progressive Innovation
  • Expertise in Approval Processes & Financing
  • Experience Managing External Consultants in Collaboration
  • Proven, Successful Track Record
  • Creativity & Flexibility
  • Exemplary Customer Service and A Drive for Excellence

At LEDR we will create and execute comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and project scope.  We will plan for the most favourable use of your site and assess the feasibility of each project using expertise from our extended team.  We work very closely with your entire team to ensure the planning is done collaboratively with consensus for achievable outcomes.


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